Our Team

Sam Shargo

Founder and Integrator

Sam Shargo is a serial entrepreneur, business coach and EOS Implementer.

He brings forth with him a mindset of abundance and limitless possibilities. He has a keen understanding of what it takes to build successful organizations and what drives human behavior.

After serving in the U.S. Army Signal Corps and working as an IT Engineer and Technology Consultant for over a decade, Sam worked to expand his impact by providing business coaching and facilitation for entrepreneurs and leadership teams around the US.

Sam is the Co-Founder of Life of Love, a coaching framework that helps entrepreneurs create a lifetime of happiness through changes in behavior and mindset.

He is also the CEO of Imagis, a specialty IT Managed Services Provider which helps small businesses and nonprofits reduce risks and empower their teams through remote work and productivity solutions.


Alex Moses

Founder and Visionary

Alex’s value resides in his distinctive ability to cut through a vast sea of information and envision multiple aspects of a company simultaneously, in order to decipher problems in a holistic manner. He accomplishes this with shark-like precision to uncover suitable, gainful solutions that can be easily understood and implemented.

With over 30 years of experience as a human behaviorist and business strategist, his primary focus is always the human component and how that not colors the efficacy of any plan, but it is the critical factor in comprehending the keys to financial and personal success.

As one of the most esteemed and respected human behavior experts, Alex consults and advises eminent, successful entrepreneurs and hundreds of companies worldwide. He does not shy away from what baffles or eludes most people, yet has a refreshingly direct and logical approach to his process. Assess, analyze, identify, position, market.

By initially assessing, analyzing, and identifying, Alex knows that crucial factors like proper positioning and an optimal marketing blueprint are what separates those who flounder from those who thrive; Alex is called upon to see what others cannot.

He is sought after world-wide as he has helped launch numerous start-ups as well as consulted for many of the world’s most successful millionaires and billionaires. As much as his approach may seem vigorous or even aggressive, he remains consistent, tenacious while keeping reciprocity and humanity in mind at all times.


Jackie Ferreira

Virtual COO

Jackie is an inspirational, intersectional, bilingual executive with an unwavering commitment to leading with transparency, trust, consensus-building, diversity, equity and inclusion. 

Her expertise spans healthcare, human rights, nonprofit management and human resources. Having led major organizational restructuring initiatives, she brings an effective, collaborative and results-driven approach to her work with clients. Jackie is a team-builder focused on professional development and staff retention. 

An expert at designing remote work environments and managing geo-distributed teams while increasing morale and productivity. She serves on domestic and international task forces committed to improving health care access for vulnerable populations. 

Jackie was an aerospace medic in the U.S. Air Force and holds a Master of Public Health from Hunter College’s School of Urban Public Health and a Bachelor of Arts in Latin American Studies from Barnard College.

Derek Iannelli

Fractional CIO/COO

Derek Iannelli is a servant leader with 25+ years of experience in counseling, mediation, entrepreneurship, project management, and veteran transition mentoring. He has helped hundreds of people restructure their lives to restore them to the way they were meant to be – meaningful and joyful. 

After a successful career in IT as a trusted advisor and fractional CIO, Derek now coaches others to succeed and embrace their unique life path. He is energized by serving others and enabling them to be the best they can be. Derek specializing in helping those who desire to learn, invest in others, and pay it forward by being successful wherever they are placed in their career. His spiritual worldview embraces a perspective of helping people elevate their lives and embrace a life of servant leadership and empathy.

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